Air Purification in the Province of Trento

Our ducts are constructed with pre-insulated polyurethane panel P3 with Hydrotec technology. More innovative installations that save energy, protect the environment, and protect your health. For optimal biocompatibility and eco-sustainability.

P3 ducts: the environmentally-friendly air duct, thanks to Hydrotec technology

The P3 duct panel is manufactured using exclusive Hydrotec technology, based on international patent EP 1115771 B1. This technology ensures a zero greenhouse effect (GWP = 0) as well as zero impact on stratospheric ozone (ODP = 0) . The environmental compatibility of the P3 duct panel is a result of using water in the polyurethane foam expansion process, instead of fluorinated greenhouse gases (CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs) and hydrocarbons (HCs). Hydrotec's rigid polyurethane PUR expansion technology complies with all European standards and anticipates future legislation that  will ban all fluorinated gases.
P3 ducts are the only ducts that are covered by an EPD environmental product statement issued by a special supranational agency (Internationl EPD System) and which has been published at
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P3 duct channel strengths

  • Eco-sustainability (water-based polyurethane expansion with patented Hydrotec technology, EPD declaration and available LEED mapping)
  • Maximum fire safety (fire reaction class 0-1, compliance with DM 31-3-03, positive according to ISO 9705 Room Corner Test, class F1 according to AFNOR NF F 16-101 for combustion fumes, Low smoke toxicity (FED and FEC <0.3 according to prEN 50399-2-1 / 1))
  • High security in case of earthquake (high lightness, high stiffness, high damping value)
  • Excellent pneumatic seal (exclusive invisible flange system for thermal cutting, elimination of longitudinal losses and loss reduction in transverse junctions, class "C" pneumatic seal according to UNI EN 13403)
  • Thermal insulation (continuous and constant at all points of the duct, low thermal conductivity, elimination of the danger of condensation)
  • High energy savings (the P3 ducts guarantee, from a LCC perspective, a significant reduction in operating energy costs)
  • Hygiene and air quality (maximum hygiene and cleaning, aluminum as an internal duct surface, available antimicrobial solution, light weight, load reduction on load-bearing structures and stiffening points, reduced working time for installation, silence , good acoustic behavior, vibration and resonance reduction, maximum environmental comfort)
  • Durability (strength, rigidity and good resistance to corrosion, erosion and deformation even in particular applications)
  • Ease of construction (possibility of building ducts in the workshop or directly on site with significant savings in transport costs)

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