Air conditioning in the Province of Trento

S.T.A. brings experience, professionalism and quality to its customers.

System solutions for every need

  • Installations with or without plans
  • Work sites
  • Design
  • Drawings
  • Tailor made materials orders
  • Construction of ducts within a short period of time
  • Duct mounting
  • Accessories and machines
  • Sale of customized ducts
delle mani di alcune persone che indicano il disegno di un progetto-provincia di Trento

Our services

  • Designs with Autocad
  • Production of ducts with fittings and special pieces assembled by specialized personnel. Workflow optimization is handled through software that allows management of the panel cutting system.
  • Installation: Specialized personnel with appropriate equipment allows us to install all the material needed to complete the system at a high level of quality.

For air system installations, e-mail us at

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