Air purification in the province of Trento

Ducts wherever you need them.


  • Indoor Ducts: standard indoor air duct solution for safety, eco-sustainability and energy saving
  • Outdoor Ducts: special solution for outdoor air ducts that need to be resistant to weather, wind and snow
  • Resistance to perforations and accidental bumps, also waterproof
  • Health Ducts: antimicrobial treatment for air ducts in sanitary or hygienic environments. For those who need the highest possible air quality and absolute hygienic conditions
  • Careplus Ducts: self-cleaning and antimicrobial treatment air ducts for healthcare or hygienic conditions. The ducts have a revolutionary nanostructured, liquid-based coating that can reduce the potential accumulation of dust and solid particulate matter through the so-called lotus effect. Perfect when what you need is total cleanliness, maximum air quality and absolute hygienic conditions
  • Resistant Ducts: ducts with panels coated with high-strength polyester film for harsh conditions. Resistance to harsh conditions and corrosion
  • Smart Ducts: low duct prevalence and aesthetic impact for low pressure and low-speed systems.
un disegno di uno schema del funzionamento dell’aria in un impianto di ventilazione
un disegno di un progetto di un impianto di ventilazione

VMC Controlled Mechanical Ventilation

We also manufacture home installations, using Controlled Mechanical Ventilation.
This principle guarantees the supply of fresh air (clean air) from the outside, depending on the actual need to renew the air in the ensuing environment.
This is made possible by the constant monitoring of the concentrations of carbon dioxide, humidity and pollutants of various kinds present in the latter.
Simultaneously with the addition of fresh air to renew, in order to avoid overpressure in the environment, the system will have to ensure the extraction of contaminated air.
The aim is to promote a healthy environment by limiting air flows from the outside, which is a waste of energy in the air-conditioned environments.
Controlled Mechanical Ventilation results in heat recovery, through the installation of special air treatment units.

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